February 26, 2013


Me (in the kitchen, putting away the groceries)

Princess Teacup (walks in, smiling): "Daaee!"

Me: "Uh-oh.  What do you want baby?"

Princess Teacup (points to refrigerator): "I want."

Me (hesitant): "These kitchen encounters of ours never end well."

Princess Teacup (tugging on the refrigerator door with all of her might): "Daaeee! Please! I want!"

Me (caving and opening the door): "Ok.  But please be specific."

Princess Teacup (grabs the jar of gherkins): "Peeckle!"

Me (dubious): "Seriously?  You want pickles?"

Princess Teacup (handing me the jar): "Please Daaeee!  I want!  I want peeckle!"

Me (opening the jar and taking out one small gherkin): "Ok.  But I don't know your specific preparation instructions for pickles so I'm scared."

Princess Teacup (holding out both of her hands, palms up): "Pleeeease Daaeee!  Please?"

Me (handing her one): "Ok, ok!  Here you go."

Princess Teacup (grabbing the pickle and taking a massive bite): "Thank you Daaeee! Thank you much!"

Me (bracing myself): "You're welcome?"

Princess Teacup (blows me a loud kiss): "Ok. Bye Daaeee!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please please please be careful giving her any hard veggies Mr. Cuff Link. They are a potential choking hazard. But other than that it seems you did escape unscathed. For now...lol