February 1, 2013

Cracker Pretzels

Princess Teacup (walking into the kitchen): "Mommy! I want cracker!"

M.O.M. (opens the tin and hands her a cracker): "Here you go my love."

Princess Teacup (cringing away from the offered cracker): "No! No! Noooooo!"

M.O.M. (putting the cracker back inside the time): "Uhm. Ok."

Princess Teacup (pointing): "I want pretzel!"

M.O.M. (handing her a pretzel stick): "Here you go baby."

Princess Teacup 
(taking 15 seconds to slowly close her fingers around the pretzel and then pointing at the cracker tin with the pretzel):
"I want cracker!"

M.O.M. (looking from the tin to Teacup): "Wait...what?  You want a cracker?"

Princess Teacup (running away): "Haha!"

Me (silently nodding in approval)

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