February 21, 2013

Scaredy Cats (a.k.a. Pillow Talk 1)

Me (laying in bed): "Ugh, I'm exhausted.  And it's only Tuesday."

M.O.M. (fluffing up her pillows): "Don't remind me. Can you turn off the light please?"

Me (leaning over to kiss her on the forehead): "Sure thing. Goodnight."

M.O.M.: "Goodnight."

- A strange, indescribable noise suddenly comes from the kids room - 

Me: "Fantastic. Was it her?  Did she wake up?"

M.O.M.: "Probably.  Either that or there's a cat in the house."

Me (suddenly nervous): "Why would you say that when you know I have to go out there and check on her?"

M.O.M. (sitting up and laughing): "Why?  Are you afraid of cats?"

Me (sitting up and swinging my legs off of the bed): "No. But remember that little ghost boy in The Grudge?  The one that meowed?"

M.O.M. (hitting me in the back): "Why?! Why?! Why would you say that?!"

Me: "You said it sounded like a cat!"

M.O.M.(muffled because she is now covering her head with the blankets): "Exactly! A cat!  A fat and fluffy and innocent cat!"

Princess Teacup (from the bedroom): "Raaaawwwwrrrr!"

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Anonymous said...

This made my day! Lol!