February 27, 2013

Demolition Derby

M.O.M. (on the couch, reading)

Sippy Cup (playing with his sister's Lego Duplo blocks while sitting in front of the couch): "This tower is going to be awesome! It's going to be huge!"

Me (sitting at the dining room table, working on the computer): "That's awesome buddy."

Princess Teacup (quietly playing with her own pile of blocks)

Sippy Cup (finished with his massive construction): "Look Mom!  Look at the tower!  It's huge!"

Princess Teacup (stands up and, with several quick kicks, promptly demolishes the tower before the M.O.M. has a chance to view its architectural glory)

Sippy Cup (dismayed): "Hey! Aw man! Mom! Look at what she did!"

M.O.M. (putting her book down): "Hey!  That's not nice!  You don't do that!  You have to play nice with your brother!"

Princess Teacup (looking at the M.O.M. and tap dancing on the Duplo demolition site)

M.O.M.: "Do you want to go and sit on timeout?"

Princess Teacup (nodding): "Yesh."

M.O.M. (turning to me in awe): "What are we going to do with this one?  She took the power away from the timeout threat!"

Me (without looking up): "Two words: Cesar. Millan."

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