June 26, 2012

Bad News Sippy Cup

While part of our absence has been due to Princess Teacup's ever increasing list of daily demands, transitions into new jobs and good old fashioned procrastination, we have been keeping busy.

How you might ask?

Well, here's a hint:

Needless to say...it's been a fun couple of months...

June 24, 2012

Jiminy Sippy Cup

Me (pointing enthusiastically): "Dude, check it out, there's a wishing well in the front yard of that house!"

Sippy Cup (unimpressed): "Yeah. I saw it the other day when I came home from school."

Me: "Do you know what you can do with a wishing well?"

Sippy Cup: "Yeah. You take a coin, drop it in the well and then you make a wish."

Me: "What would you wish for?"

Sippy Cup (stopping to think): "A star."

Me: "You'd wish for a star?  Why?"

Sippy Cup: "A shooting star.  So that I could make more wishes whenever I wanted."

Me (sighing): "Oh.  Of course."

June 21, 2012

Dinner Reservations

Me (enjoying dinner and casually taking a sip of my father's soda)

Sippy Cup (with a face of pure shock and shouting): "Dad! No! Don't drink that! It's full of sugar!"

Me (pointing to his small glass of Iced Tea): "Chill out, Bloomberg.  What do you think that is?"

Sippy Cup (pointing to his glass): "This?"

Me: "Yes."

Sippy Cup (taking a long gulp of Iced Tea and then wiping his mouth): 
"This? This is delicious.  That's what it is."