February 13, 2013

Kitchen Pirate

Me (washing the dishes and shouting from the kitchen): "I don't care!  I'm wearing a tuxedo to the playground!"

Princess Teacup (walks into the kitchen)

Me (looking down momentarily): "Why hello there pretty lady!"

Princess Teacup (ignores my hello and opens the kitchen cabinet)

Me (watching her out of the corner of my eye): "I can see you.  Please don't make a mess."

Princess Teacup (giggles and then makes a rude noise with her mouth)

Me: "Lovely.  I'm glad I'm raising a prim and proper lady-baby."

Princess Teacup (rummages, head-first, through the cabinet)

Me: "Please stop that."

Princess Teacup (emerges from the cabinet with a turkey baster in one hand and 
a 12-inch flat, metal spatula in the other)

Me: "Uhm.  What are you doing?"

Princess Teacup (smiling): "Pirate."

Me: "Uhm.  I'm suddenly nervous.  And I'm the adult here so something isn't right with this picture."

Princess Teacup (running at me with both utensils): "YAAARGH!"

Me: "Ah!  What are you doing?! What's happening?!"

M.O.M. (from the living room): "She's playing pirate"

Princess Teacup (banging on my foot with the spatula): "Pirate! Yaaah! Arrgh! Yaaah!"

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