February 15, 2013

Late Night Cookie

Princess Teacup (pointing at the cupboard): "I want cookie."

Sippy Cup: "Me too!"

Me (taking down a large Oatmeal Raisin cookie and splitting it in half): "It's getting kind of late, so you'll each get a half.  And this counts as your bedtime snack."

Sippy Cup (taking his half): "Awesome.  Thanks!"

Princess Teacup (looking at her half): "No!"

Me: "Excuse me?  You're old enough to learn about sharing. And about late-night portion control."

Princess Teacup (looking up at me): "No! Daaee! NO!"

Me: "Well, your Mom isn't here to convince me otherwise.  So, either you take this half, or you get nothing at all."

Princess Teacup (lowering her head, looking at me menacingly and whispering): "Daaee. No."

Sippy Cup (leaving the kitchen): "Uh-oh.  You made her angry."

Princess Teacup (glowering at me in silence)

Me (instinctively puffing my chest and crossing my arms): "I'm not afraid of you."

Princess Teacup (walks away quietly)

Me (calling after her): "I told you so!"

Sippy Cup (shouting from the living room): "Hey!  Give me my cookie back!"

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