June 17, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Dad
(by Sippy Cup)

1.  When we can't reach something, you always get it for us.

2. You always give us hugs.

3. You tickle us and make funny jokes.

4. You always help us with our video games.

5. You always let us eat on the balcony.

Editor's Note: I was surprised with a Father's Day photo book from Shutterfly this past weekend and the above list was included on the first page of the book.  Number 1 is my personal favorite; it made me feel tall.

June 11, 2013

Snack Time Alphabets

M.O.M. (in the kitchen, preparing Sippy Cup's lunch)

Me (from the living room): "Do you know what would be amazing right now?  A snack!  Perhaps a mango?  Maybe a plum?"

M.O.M.: "Was that a hint?"

Sippy Cup (from the living room as well): "I want a snack too!"

Me (high-fiving him): "Snack time!"

M.O.M.: "Lovely."

Princess Teacup (running into the kitchen): "Mommy! Mommy! I want pickle!"

M.O.M.: "Really?  All of you want a snack at the exact same time?! The minute I'm in the kitchen, everyone is suddenly hungry!  OMG!"

Princess Teacup (jumping and dancing): "H! I! J! K! L-M-N-O-P!"

June 7, 2013

June 6, 2013


Sippy Cup (walking home from Nina's house): "Aww Dad!  Look!  The neighbor's dogs are so cute!"

Me (taking a look and seeing three Lhasa Apsos running around the yard): "Heh. Yeah. They are cute."

Sippy Cup (turning to me): "We should get one of those!"

Me: "Well, my good sir, while I agree that we should get a puppy, I don't think it should be one of those."

Sippy Cup (frowning): "Why not?"

Me: "Because, my good man, Daddy has decided that he wants a bulldog.  French or English. It doesn't matter.  I just want a bulldog.  Like Spike, from Tom and Jerry!"

Sippy Cup (crossing his arms): "No way! I want a little one like that!  And I want to name her 'Cupcake'!"

Me (aghast): "What? Who are you?"

Sippy Cup (turning and walking away): "I'm a kid!"

Me: "Thanks Captain Obvi-"

Sippy Cup (shouting over his shoulder): "And I want a puppy named 'Cupcake'!"