February 8, 2013

A Letter to Future Sippy Cup (21)

Hey kid,

Two summers ago, while running around in a park, you fell and scraped your knee.

It is a fact that knee scrapes are a part of everyone's childhood.  But this one was more painful than most and you started to cry.

Realizing that the best medicine for pain is often simple distraction, I picked you up and sat down with you on a bench that faced a lake.

I promised you that I could make the knee scrape stop hurting.  But first you had to calm down and pay attention.  I told you that I knew of an easy magic spell that we could do together to make your knee feel better.

You looked at me with equal parts doubt and curiosity and sniffled as I picked up a small, smooth stone and made it skip over the water.  I then handed you a stone and invited you to do the same.  I promised you that by the time you made the stone skip over the water, your knee would feel better.

You didn't learn to skip stones that day.

But you forgot about your knee scrape.

And we both learned a magic spell.


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