Mr. Cufflinks is the rarest of New Yorkers; namely, one who was actually born in New York.  Born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, he graduated from NYU with his BA in History and quickly realized that he had no idea what to do next.

Since graduating, Mr. Cufflinks has spent much of his time trying to justify his student loan debt by giving unsolicited History lessons to his family, avidly watching the History Channel, and (every so often) writing blog posts.  He's not sure how that last point relates to his student loans but he was never a big fan of logical sequences.

In 2005 he met the young woman who would (surprisingly) agree to marry him and, in 2007,  the world decided to give his life purpose and Sippy Cup was born.  In 2009, the world decided to throw him a curve ball and he found himself in the terrifying role of stay-at-home Dad.  While "necessity is the mother of all invention", he firmly believes that "unemployment is the father of all creativity" and decided to begin chronicling his misadventures in fatherhood for his son to enjoy in the years to come.  And, thus, this site was born.

Since then, he has celebrated the birth of his daughter (Princess Tea Cup), has returned to work full-time, and has begun to address his irrational fear of opening bottles of seltzer water.  In his free-time, he likes to read Dr. Seuss books with funny voices, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and teach his children all the awesome things they will never learn in school.