September 13, 2013

Sippy Cup Salad

Here are two random facts:

  1. Sippy Cup and Mr. Cufflinks are fans of hip hop. 
  2. Sippy Cup and Mr. Cufflinks are fans of food. 

When I first heard that 2 Chainz was including a 28-page cookbook with his new album B.O.A.T.S. 2 #Metime, I was confused but nevertheless excited at the prospects of "Mr. Tru" himself giving his fans instructions on how to cook. I am happy to say, he has not let me down.

In recognition of this amazing moment, I present to you the first Sippy Cup Recipe:

Sippy Cup Salad

1. Take head of lettuce.
2. Throw it in the garbage.
3. Do a celebratory dance.
4. Eat a bag of Haribo Gummy Bears.
5. Do another celebratory dance.

Disclaimer: The M.O.M. is not a fan of these recipes and believes that all children (including those of the 32-year-old variety) should eat a nutritious diet full of vitamins, vegetables and other things which taste terrible.

September 12, 2013

What I Should Have Said (2)

M.O.M.: "Can you change the baby's diaper please? I have to unload the dryer."

What I Should Have Said: 

What I Did Say:
"Naaaaah. I don't feel like getting up."

Disclaimer: I was clearly joking. For some reason, the M.O.M. did not find it funny.

September 10, 2013

Car Service Chivalry

Me (opening the driver-side, rear door of the cab): "After you m'lady."

M.O.M. (getting in and sliding over in the rear seat): "Gee thanks."

Me (getting in, telling the driver our destination, and then turning to her): "What? What did I do wrong?"

M.O.M.: "I had to slide all the way over to this side. If you wanted to be a gentlemen, you would have opened the door, closed it, and walked around to the other side and gotten in."

Me (after a few seconds of silence): "But I didn't want to do all of that. That seems like a lot of work."

M.O.M. (sighing): "How nice."