February 28, 2011

Adult Supervision Required

M.O.M. (from the living room): "So what did you guys do today?"

Me (from the kitchen): "The usual stuff.  We played a little bit, we watched some cartoons, we worked on some activities from his workbooks.  Nothing too crazy."

M.O.M.: "He still has the sniffles and that cough. I don't like that.  Have you been
paying attention to his cough?"

Me: "Well, if you mean 'Have you been giving him medicine at regular intervals like his pediatrician told us to?', then yes, I have been paying attention to his cough."

M.O.M.: "Did you cut up an orange for him to snack on?  He could use the extra vitamin C."

Me: "No.  But I did give him a cup of all-natural apple sauce which is full of vitamin C."

M.O.M.: "You did that because you didn't want to cut the orange, didn't you?"

Me: "The apple sauce is full of vitamin C!"

M.O.M.: "I'll take that as a yes..."

Me: "And when I asked him if he wanted an orange he said 'No'!"

M.O.M.: "And who is the adult between the two of you?"

Sippy Cup (raising his hand): "I am!"

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Anonymous said...

LOL well played, sippy!