February 19, 2011

Mutual Misunderstanding

Eary this morning, the little dude and I were watching cartoons when the commercial for the EZ Cracker came on the television.

Sippy Cups: "Dad!  Dad!  DAAAD!!!"

Me: "Why are you yelling?!  What is it?"

Sippy Cups (pointing at the television): "Look at this thing!  I want that!"

Me: "Of course you do.  Why do you want that?"

Sippy Cups: "So that I don't make a mess when I crack the eggs."

Me: "When has that ever been a concern for you?"

Sippy Cups: "I don't like spilling eggs everywhere."

Me: "Right.  But when would you ever use that?"

Sippy Cups: "When I crack eggs.  That's what it's for."

Me: "Right.  I understand how it works and what it's for.  What I don't understand is why you need it?"

Sippy Cups: "What I don't understand is your face!"

Me (shaking my head): "I also don't understand why I even bother."

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