February 3, 2011

1 Little Monkey

Me (shouting from the living room): "Stop jumping on the bed!"

Sippy Cup (jumping on the bed): "What?!  I can't hear you?!  I'm singing!"

Me (in a louder voice): "I said to stop jumping on the bed!"

Sippy Cup (still jumping on the bed): " 'What you don't understand is I'll catch a grenade for yaaaa!!!' "

Me (standing up): "You better stop jumping before I get to the room!"

Loud, ominous bang and crash

Sippy Cup (slightly concerned voice): "I'm okay!"

Me: "What did you do?!"

Sippy Cup (very concerned voice): "I didn't break the bed!"

** Editor's Note: For the record, he didn't break the bed **

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahahahah i LOVE that song!! but is he okay though??