February 22, 2011

Sippy Cup Heston

Sippy Cup: "Dad, what's a weapon?"

Me: "What's that now?"

Sippy Cup: "A weapon.  What's a weapon?"

Me: "Oh, wow, uhm, I guess I should probably be careful with this answer."

Sippy Cup: "Ok."

Me: "Let's see.  A weapon is...uhm...a weapon is anything that you can use to hurt someone.  It might be a sword.  It might be some scissors.  It can even be your hands.  Anything that you use to hurt someone is a weapon."

Sippy Cup: "Hmmm....ok."

Me (beaming with pride): "So you have to be very careful with weapons and never, ever use them."

Several minutes later.

Sippy Cup: "What about with a bad guy?  If I use a weapon on a bad guy, is it still a bad thing?"

Me (pride suddenly replaced by growing sense of ineptitude):   "Right, of course. 
Leave it to you to turn this into a second amendment debate."

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