March 1, 2011

Brother James

Sippy Cup (from the bedroom): "Haha!  You're so funny!  I didn't know we could do that!"

Me (walking from the living room): "Hey little man, who are you talking to?"

Sippy Cup (opening the door to the room): "No, that's just my Dad.  You know who that is."

Me (standing at the bedroom doorway): "Seriously.  You're kind of scaring me."

Sippy Cup: "Oh, hi Dad.  I was just talking to James."

Me (looking around the room): "Fantastic.  You do know you're in here by yourself, right?"

Sippy Cup: "No I'm not.  I'm in here with my brother James."

Me (looking over my shoulder cautiously): "Oh, so he's your brother.  And where is James right now?"

Sippy Cup (pointing): "Right in front of you."

Me (backing out of the room slowly): "Ok.  I'm going to go call your mother now."

Sippy Cup (waving): "Ok, that's fine.  Bye Daddy.  James says 'bye' too!"


Anonymous said...

Cass has a "friend" named Colunga...apparently she is responsible for all the bad things that happen (like when I say no cookies but she gets one anyway, she says its for Colunga!)

Anonymous said...

It may not feel like it right now, but that is very normal.