February 9, 2011

Animal House

Sippy Cup (running at full speed down the hall): "DAD!"

Me (kneeling down): "Whoa!  Slow down!  Is there something on fire?  Why don't you have pants on?"

Sippy Cup (holding up his underwear and pants): "Dude!  You have got to smell this!"

Me (standing up): "Eww!  No!"

Sippy Cup (shoving his underwear and pants into my nose): "Dad!  Come on!  Smell them!  Smell both of them!"

Me (turning my head side-to-side, violently): "No!  What are you in college already?!"

Sippy Cup (climbing up my legs): "Come on bro!  Smell them I said!"

Me (detaching him from my legs): "Why?!  Why do you want me to smell your clothes?!"

Sippy Cup (throwing his underwear and pants at my nose): "Because they smell like my butt! HAHA!"


Unknown said...

Oh that sippycup...he cracks me up.

Aurelie said...

tough !