February 21, 2011

Literal Understanding

Yesterday, while driving to my nephew's baptism, I was informing Lil Sippy Cup of the general rules of the day.

Me: "Ok, so I need you to understand a few things."

Sippy Cup: "Ok."

Me: "When we get to the church, I don't want you running around and acting like a madman."

Sippy Cup: "Ok."

Me: "Listen, I'm being serious.  You have to be quiet.  Like, for real."

Sippy Cup: "Who is that?"

Me: "Huh?"

Sippy Cup: "Who is that guy?"

Me: "What guy?"

Sippy Cup: "Who's 'For Real'?  Who is that guy?  You said I have to be quiet, like 'For Real'."

Me: "Yep.  There's my next post."


Anonymous said...

So funny I had to laugh out loud.Never a dull moment around him.

Alex said...

That's what you get for using those terms with him...crushed.