February 25, 2011

Sippy Cupz In The Hood

Me (yelling from the kitchen): "You'd better be cleaning up your room!"

Sippy Cup (yelling from the bedroom): "No!"

Me: "What?!"

Sippy Cup: "I don't want to!"

Me: "Don't make me come in there!"

Sippy Cup: "Don't make me pop the trunk on you!"

Me: "Listen little man I am way to...wait...what did you just say?"

Sippy Cup: "I said 'Don't make me pop the trunk on you'!"

Me (shaking my head and sighing): "You've been listening to my iPod again, haven't you?"

Sippy Cup: "Haha!  Yeah!  I like music!"


Alex said...


Jason from OKC said...

Face it...Sippy Cup is a boss!