February 24, 2011

The Nutritionist

Me (as I set the table): "Lil dude, dinner's ready."

Sippy Cup: "Ugh.  I hate dinner."

Me: "Oh that's nice.  I'm afraid to ask why..."

Sippy Cup: "Because I eat.  And then my belly is full.  But then it starts making noises again. 
So I have to eat again.  And again.  And again."

Me (as I serve his dinner): "So, if I'm understanding this correctly,
you would prefer to eat only once a day?"

Sippy Cup: "Yeah!  That's easier!  And faster!"

Me: "So, you plan to completely re-wire the human need for constant replenishment?"

Sippy Cup: "What?!  I just want to eat one time!"

Me: "Ok, you can start tomorrow if you'd like."

Sippy Cup: "How about I start right now?"

Me: "How about you sit on time-out before you eat your dinner?"

Sippy Cup (rubbing his stomach): "Yummy!  This looks good!  I like rice!"

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