February 4, 2011

The Rules

Me: "Ok, so what are the rules for 'Daddy School'"

Sippy Cup: "First, I have to sit down like a big boy."

Me: "Good.  Next?"

Sippy Cup: "Number 2: I have to listen to Mr. Daddy."

Me: "Excellent."

Sippy Cup: "Next, no screaming."

Me: "Good."

Sippy Cup: "Singing is only ok if I sing quiet."

Me: "Ok, good, so we're ready to start."

Sippy Cup: "And no burping and farting."

Me: "Fantastic. Wait...what? 

Sippy Cup: "No burping or farting."

Me: "I never said that."

Sippy Cup: "I know Mr. Daddy but it's a good rule. Unless my belly hurts. Nino told me that!"

Me: "Of course he did."

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