March 26, 2013

Princess Teacup: Lost in Translation (11-15)

As most of you already know, I have provided our readers with some basic words and phrases to keep them as safe as possible just in case they should ever find themselves alone with my daughter for some ridiculous reason.

Here are 5 more words and/or phrases to help you survive your time.  God speed.

"Fry Fry" - French Fries; one of the rare moments where you can figure out what she actually means based on context.  However, she may request french fries even when there are no french fries to be seen.  Especially if it is bedtime. I.E. "I want fry fry!"

"Check-Up" - Ketchup ; although phonetically similar to the actual word she means to say, she will attempt to confuse you so that her potential tantrum becomes justified. I.E. "I want check-up for my fry fry!"

"Pity Peas?" - Pretty please? ; a rarely seen moment wherein her desire for whatever you have supersedes her normally prideful sense of entitlement. Please note: not related to vegetable sympathy. I.E. "I want check-up for my fry fry! Pity peas?"

"Tea" - TV ; a rather lazy attempt to name the television.  Although technically a noun, it is also intended as a verb, commanding you to turn on the television and (no matter what time of day it is) make Melmo perform for her. I.E. "I want tea! Tea! Melmo!"

"I Can't Do It, Do It!" - "I can't do this particular task!  Please help me!"; straight-forward command.  Please note: most often used when the task she is attempting is especially dangerous; if you hear her say "I can't do it, do it!" quickly proceed to whatever room she is in at the time. I.E. "I can't do it, do it!" (while attempting to climb onto the middle of the dining room table to grab a butter knife).

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PriscillaGrim said...

My favorite phrase that my daughter seemed to make up when she was younger was her naming of her waist as her "twist." The.cutest.thing.ever.