March 14, 2013


M.O.M.: "Ok baby.  It's pajama time."

Princess Teacup (shouting from her room): "No!"

M.O.M. (walking into their room): "Yes my love.  It's 8 o'clock.  It's bedtime.  You and your brother both have to go to sleep."

Princess Teacup (sitting on the floor, arms crossed): "No!"

M.O.M. (crossing her arms as well): "Excuse me?"

Princess Teacup (looking up): "No!"

Me (standing at the door): "I'm pretty sure she's entered the 'No' phase."

Princess Teacup (standing up and walking over to me): "No!"

M.O.M. (trying to stifle a laugh): "Is that your plan you little monster?  Are you just going to shout 'No' to everything?"

Princess Teacup (walking out of the room and whispering): "No."

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