March 4, 2013

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot. (Part Deux)

Sippy Cup (smiling): "Hey Dad, let's play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' again!"

Me (putting my book down): "Ok.  But I should warn you, I've learned from our last game.  I'm playing by your street rules now."

Sippy Cup (still smiling): "Ok!"

Me (nervous): "Your smile worries me.  But let's do this!"

Sippy Cup (pounding his little fist into his open palm): "Rock, paper, scissor, shoot!"

Me (holding up a finger gun): "Ha!"

Sippy Cup (holding up his palm, similar to a traffic cop directing traffic to stop): "Ha! I win!"

Me: "What? How is that possible? You held up paper! I'm pretty sure a gun beats paper!"

Sippy Cup (switching his hand to a palm up/"low five" position): "Nope, this is paper!"

Me: "So what was that other thing?"

Sippy Cup (reverting to his original palm forward position): "This?  This is a bullet-proof vest!"

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