March 7, 2013

Pillow Talk (2)

Me (peering out the window): "Wow, it's really windy outside."

M.O.M. (in bed, reading a book): "Yeah, it sounds scary."

Me (crawling into bed next to her): "I don't remember it sounding this bad during Sandy."

- a few seconds of silence - 

M.O.M. (putting her book down): "What is wind?"

Me (laughing): "What?"

M.O.M. (laughing as well): "No, seriously.  What is wind?"

Me (still laughing while sitting up): "What are you 4 years old?"

M.O.M.: "Why? Do you know the answer?"

Me: "Well, uhm, not like the precise answer.  But isn't it like the movement of air through currents and slip streams caused by the rotation of the Earth?"

M.O.M.: "You don't sound like you know what you're talking about."

- a few seconds of silence -

Me (getting up from bed): "I'm going to go look it up.  Because, knowing him, he's going to ask me a million questions about the wind tomorrow."

M.O.M.: "I don't understand how we're responsible for raising two children and we don't even know what wind is."

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