March 25, 2013

The Bottlecaps and the 3 Bears

- Sippycup and his cousins (Cassidy and Chase) are raucously playing in their grandparents' living room - 

M.O.M.: "Ok guys!  How about we play a quiet game?"

Sippcup: "Like what?"

M.O.M.: "Why don't you guys pretend that you're out camping?"

Sippycup: "Yay! This is awesome!"

Cassidy: "Let's lie down in our sleeping bags!"

M.O.M. (whispering): "But you have to be quiet!  You don't want to wake up the bears that are sleeping outside!"

- Chase runs to the window and stares out intently -

Sippycup (whispering): "I love camping!"

Cassidy (whispering): "Me too!"

Chase (turning from the window): "Ain't no bears outside!"

M.O.M. (laughing): "What?"

Chase (quickly glancing out the window before turning back to us): "Ain't no bears gonna eat us! Ain't no bears outside!"

Me (turning to the M.O.M.): "Fantastic.  You've traumatized our nephew."

1 comment:

Varinia said...

One of my favorite moments EVER. And for the record he made sure to ask the next day if there were any more bears at Nina's house!