January 28, 2013

Princess Teacup: Lost In Translation (6-10)

In the event that you should find yourself alone with my daughter, I have already provided you with some basic words and phrases to keep you safe as well as the specific instructions on how to prepare a banana snack for the dictator-in-training (pants).

As an added safety measure, here are 5 more words to help you survive your time alone with Princess Teacup.  I have included examples of usage for further reference.

"Babu" - Pacifier ; the etymology of this word is unknown but it is believed to be based on the word "Bobo" of Spanish origin. I.E. "Babu! Babu? Where is Babu? Hey! Come back here Babu!"

"Leshé" - Milk ; similar to "Babu", it is believed this word is based on the Spanish word "Leche"; demands for "Leshé" serve as a precursor to demands for "Babu" which are both indicators that demands for lullabies and nap time are imminent. I.E. "I want leshé. Babu! Babu? Where is Babu? Hey! Come back here Babu!"

"Chabee" - Strawberries ; requests for "Chabee" will be made at the most inopportune times, most often when you open the refrigerator door to get her bottle of milk and she happens to notice the container of fresh strawberries on the second shelf. I.E. "Chabee! Chabee! Chabee! No leshé!"

"Chi" - String Cheese ; pronounced in the same fashion as "chi", the Chinese principle of the energy in all forms of life, in this context the word actually means "String Cheese" and will be requested at the worst possible moment, most often when you have denied her request for "chabee". I.E. "Chi! I want chi! No chabee! No leshé! Babu! Chi!"

"JJ" - Sippy Cup ; yet another word with unknown etymology since Sippy Cup's name has absolutely no "J"s in it.  Most often used when she is sleepy and cranky and her snack-time requests have not been met. I.E. "JJ! JJ! Come! Come! Daee no do it!  What Daee doing? Babu?"

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