March 1, 2013

A Letter to Future Sippy Cup (22)

Hey kid,

Right now, you have a few innocent crushes on at least three different girls in your class.

However, if by the time you're reading this, you've figured out that you like boys more than you like girls, then make sure you tell me.  

Because although I will want to know, I absolutely won't care.

Are you humble? Are you honest? Are you loyal to your family and friends? Are you true to your word? Are you respectful of your mother? Are you protective of your sister? Are you living up to the potential I have seen in you since the moment you entered this world?

Did you answer "yes" to all of these questions?

Good. Then go finish living your life.  Because you have become the man I expected you to be.

And who you love is your business.

And I don't blame him for falling in love with you.


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