March 19, 2013

Subway Lunch

M.O.M. (sitting next to him): "Do you like riding on the subway?"

Sippy Cup (looking out the subway car windows): "Yeah.  It's fun!"

- A middle-aged gentleman enters the subway car -

Gentleman: "Ladies and Gentlemen!  I'm sorry to disturb your ride!  I am not begging for money or asking for help! I am here offering help instead!"

Sippy Cup (turning around in his seat): "Why is he being so loud?"

M.O.M. (whispering): "Hush.  You're being loud."

Sippy Cup: "What's he talking about?"

M.O.M.: "Well baby, there are some people who aren't as fortunate as we are and they are forced to live in the streets.  This man is trying to help them by giving out some food."

Gentleman: "I have small sandwiches and apples!  If you're hungry, please feel free to let me know!  I'd be happy to help!"

Sippy Cup (raises his hand)

M.O.M. (aghast): "What are you doing?"

Sippy Cup: "I'm hungry!  I want a sandwich!  Or maybe an apple!  I didn't know they gave out food on the subway!  This is fun!"

M.O.M. (grabbing his hand): "Oh my God!  Put your hand down!"

Sippy Cup: "But he asked if anyone was hungry!  I'm an "anyone"! And I'm hungry!"

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Yayo said...

is he turning into Jonathan?