March 15, 2013

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot. (Part Tres)

Sippy Cup (pounding both of his fists at the dining table): "Rock, paper, scissor, shoot!"

Me (trying to eat my breakfast): "Uhm?  Relax?  Thanks."

Sippy Cup (shaking his fists in the air): "Rock, paper, scissor, shoot!"

Me: "Much better.  Thank you."

Sippy Cup (still shaking his fists in the air): "Rock, paper, scissor, shoot! Aw man!  I lost!"

Me: "What's that now?"

Sippy Cup: "I lost."

Me: "Uhm? You lost what?"

Sippy Cup: "In 'Rock. Paper. Scissor. Shoot.'  I lost! I never lose!"

Me: "Wait.  Who were you playing against?"

Sippy Cup: "Myself!"

Me: "So how did you lose?"

Sippy Cup: "I was the right hand."

Me: "But, since both hands are yours, you also won."

Sippy Cup (staring at me, visibly concerned): "Are you crazy?  There can only be one winner.  Only.  One."

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