January 3, 2013


Princess Teacup (from the kitchen): "Daadee!"

Me (walking into the kitchen): "Yes baby?"

Princess Teacup (pointing to the refrigerator door): "I want water."

Me: "Of course baby.  Thank you for asking so nicely.  I actually understood you this time."

Princess Teacup: "Water."

Me (taking out a small bottle of water): "Here you go baby."

Princess Teacup (shaking her head): "No.  Water."

Me (confused): "But, my love, this is water."

Princess Teacup: "No!"

Me (apprehensive): "Ok.  Do you want some juice?"

Princess Teacup: "No!"

Me (holding out both a small bottle of water and a juice box): "Which one do you want love?"

Princess Teacup (points to the juice box): "Water."

Me (taking out the juice box and closing the fridge): "No problem baby girl.  I got you."

Princess Teacup (sees the juice box and starts to cry): "Maaaamaaa!"

M.O.M. (turns from the stove): "What is it baby?"

Princess Teacup (sniffling and whispering quietly): "I want water."

M.O.M. (goes into the fridge and takes out the same small bottle of water previously offered)
"Here you go my love."

Princess Teacup (dancing in place): "Mama!  Thank!"

Me: "This isn't even fair.  First the bananas and now this?"

M.O.M. (kneeling down and kissing her on the cheek)
"It's ok baby.  I already told you.  Daddy doesn't understand anything."

Princess Teacup (sticks her tongue out at me and then laughs)

M.O.M. (turning to me and smiling): "Isn't she adorable?"

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