December 26, 2012


Princess Teacup (pointing to the kitchen counter): “Tack ticky blur blurg blurg?”

Me (kneeling down so that we’re at eye level): “Daddy has no idea what that means baby.”

Princess Teacup (holding both of her hands behind her back like a tiny general)
“Pfttp pffttp blur blurg blahrg”

Me (standing back up): “Ok, we both know those aren't words.”

Princess Teacup (pointing with pronounced vehemence): “Tack ticky blahrg pfttp pfttp!”

Me (scanning the counter anxiously): “I have no idea what it is that you want baby.”

Princess Teacup (starts to wail and sob)

M.O.M. (walks into the kitchen): “What happened?  What is it baby?  What does my baby need?”

Princess Teacup (smiles and points to the counter): “Mama.  Nana?”

M.O.M. (handing her a banana): “Here you go baby.”

Princess Teacup (smiling broadly): “Nana!  Thank!”

Me (shocked): “I swear to you, she wasn't saying anything that even resembled a real word!”

M.O.M. (kissing her on the forehead): “It’s ok baby.  Daddy’s a little stupid.”

Sippy Cup (from the dining room): "Ooh!  Burn!"

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