January 10, 2013

A Letter to Future Sippy Cup (20)

Hey kid,

This is what this past week has looked like:
  • Your baby sister is teething and has needed a lot of love and affection from 1am until 7am since Wednesday of last week.  
  • Your mom has asthmatic bronchitis.  "Asthmatic bronchitis" is just as fun as it sounds.
  • The elevator in our apartment building is being repaired.  Since we live on the 5th floor, we have had to carry your sister (and her stroller) up and down the stairs since Tuesday.  Today is Thursday.
  • You have an after-school dance recital today at 3:45pm.  To make sure I was able to be there, I have had to work late every single day at work.
This past week doesn't make us special.  We are no better than the other moms and dads who go through similar struggles raising their kids.

But I know there will come a day when you will give me an attitude because I don't let you do something ridiculous that you really want to do with your gang of hooligan friends.  

I know this because I gave Nina and Nino an attitude whenever they didn't let me do something ridiculous that I really wanted to do with my gang of hooligan friends.

On the day that you do give me the anticipated attitude, you may wonder why I laugh in your face.

This past week can serve as your answer.

Your mother and I are your parents.  The only ones you have.  There will be times when we make you angry.  And that is perfectly ok with me.

It is our responsibility to do the best that we possibly can for you and your sister.  To sacrifice anything and everything. 

Why?  Because that's what real parents do. 


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Unknown said...

You are so stinking sweet sometimes I can't even handle this. They are lucky to have such a good Dad!