January 18, 2013

Last Night

M.O.M. (sitting at the dining room table): "I had such a rough week at work.  I'm exhausted."

Me (sitting across from her, absent-mindedly flipping through a catalog): "Yeah. I'm pretty sleepy too."

M.O.M. (slumping a bit in her seat, closing her eyes, and rubbing her temples): "It's why I've been this way all week.  All moody and grumpy and just out of it."

Me (staring at a page of bookcases and wondering how long it would take Teacup to empty the lower shelves): 
"Hmm.  Is that your way of apologizing?"

M.O.M. (sitting up slowly and staring at me): "Apologizing for what, exactly?"

Me (suddenly aware of the taste of my own foot): "Uhm. Nothing. It just sounded like you were apologizing. Do you like these bookcases? I think we need a new one."

M.O.M. (narrowing her eyes): "Why would I need to apologize?"

Me (laughing nervously): "Ha!  For nothing!"

M.O.M. (smiling slightly): "No. Please. Let me know what I need to apologize for."

Me (terrified because I know that her smile, ironically, signifies violence): "I love you?"

M.O.M. (standing up and walking away): "You went to Regis and NYU.  Without a doubt, this makes you the dumbest smart man I know."   

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