January 21, 2013

Super Dr. King

Me (sitting at the computer): "Hey little dude, do you know what today is?"

Sippy Cup (working on his homework): "Yeah.  It's Dr. Martin Luther King Day."

Me: "That's right.  Did you learn about him in school?"

Sippy Cup: "Yeah." 

Me: "Good.  So what did you learn about?  Why was he important?"

Sippy Cup: "Well, he was important because he said that white kids and black kids should go to school together.  
Which was a great idea."

Me: "That's right."

Sippy Cup: "Dad, is there a video game about Dr. Martin Luther King?"

Me: "What?  No!  Why would there be a video game about Dr. King?  What would that game even be about?"

Sippy Cup (looking up at me): "Peace."

M.O.M.: "Ha!"

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