January 30, 2013

Lost Baby

Me (changing Princess Teacup's diaper): "Who's my baby?"

Princess Teacup (smiling): "Me!"

Me (kissing her all over the face): "That's right!"

Princess Teacup (suddenly hiding behind her hands)

Me (worried): "Oh no!  Where did my baby go?  Where is she?"

Sippy Cup (walking into the bedroom): "What's up Dad?"

Me (turning to him): "I can't find my baby!  She's gone!"

Sippy Cup (looking first at his sister and then at me): "Uhm, she's right there."

Princess Teacup (giggling)

Me: "Oh no! I can't find her! Where's my beautiful baby?  Where did she disappear to?"

Sippy Cup (looking at his sister and then at me): "Dad.  Seriously.  She's right there.  You're touching her."

Princess Teacup (popping out from behind her hands): "Boo!"

Me (thoroughly surprised): "Ah! There she is!  There's my baby!"

Princess Teacup (giggling): "Daeee! I want chabee!"

Sippy Cup (shaking his head): "You guys are crazy.  I'm going to go eat breakfast."

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