January 8, 2013


Me (standing in front of the bathroom vanity, shaving)
"I think I hear a baby sneaking into the bathroom."

Princess Teacup (giggling) :"Heh."

Me (looking down at her): "Hey love."

Princess Teacup (lifting up the toilet seat carefully)

Me: "What are you doing?"

Princess Teacup (standing in front of the toilet bowl and lifting up her shirt)

Me: "Uhm.  Seriously.  What are you doing?"

Princess Teacup (poking at her belly button and then at her diaper)

Me: "Wait a second."

Princess Teacup (standing very still and smiling)

Me: "Oh no..."

Princess Teacup (flushing the toilet): "Dada.  P."

Me (shouting out to the bedroom): "Hey little dude!  Did you use the bathroom in front of your sister?"

Sippy Cup (shouting back): "I didn't mean to!  She walked in on me!  But I showed her what to do!"

Princess Teacup (dancing): "P! P! P!"

Me (whispering to myself): "Why don't you two do this stuff to your mom?"

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