January 15, 2013

Spanish App

Sippy Cup (sitting on the couch, lazily perusing the App store on the iPhone): 
"Hey Mom!  Can I download something on your phone?"

M.O.M. (walking over to sit down next to him): "Sure.  But it has to be something educational."

Sippy Cup: "Ok.  How about something about dinosaurs?"

M.O.M. (taking the phone in her hands): "Dude, all you ever download are dinosaur games!  Let me see if I can find something better.  Oh!  Look!  They have one that teaches you Spanish!  That sounds like fun!"

Sippy Cup (sitting up and looking over at the phone): "But I want to learn more about dinosaurs."

Me (walking over to stand behind the couch): "Little man.  Listen to your mom.  Speaking another language is an important skill.  Trust me.  You'll appreciate it when you're older and looking for a job."

M.O.M. (nodding in approval): "Yeah.  Daddy knows how to speak Spanish fluently.  
And, trust me, I wish I knew how to speak Spanish."

Sippy Cup (looking up at us with a big smile): "Then why don't you play that game?  
And let me play my dinosaur game instead? Ha!"

Princess Teacup (from underneath the couch): "RAAAAAWRRRR!"

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