December 6, 2012

Rosetta Stone: Princess Teacup Edition

"Thank" - Thank you ;  generally used when you have conceded to her demands and have relinquished control of the TV remote control

"Mo" - Elmo (context-sensitive usage) ; depending on the situation, she is either demanding that you give her the Elmo toothpaste bottle, demanding that you prepare the laptop and turn on the Elmo learning software, demanding that you find Elmo on the television, demanding that you entertain her with the Elmo puppet-book, or just making a general announcement that an Elmo-related demand will be forthcoming

"Nooooooooo" - Not really ; most common response to any request relating to tasks she has no interest in completing, such as listening, behaving or playing in a fashion that does not carry a high risk of concussion

"NO!" - NO! ; proceed with caution as you have now crossed into the danger zone by either taking away whatever dangerous object she was playing with or by not giving her a cracker in an expeditious fashion

"No?" - Yes ; trick response intended to confuse and manipulate the target.  If you fall for the ploy, expect a swift and judicious response, most often an unholy display of baby strength.  If you do not fall for the trap, she may grace you with a begrudging "Thank" (see above for definition)

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