March 8, 2011


Right now, I am watching my son run around the house, chasing after a helium balloon.

So far, he has used the balloon as:
  1. A punching bag
  2. A tail
  3. An imaginary friend
  4. A jump rope
  5. A parachute
In the living room, there are well over $200 worth of toys, games and puzzles piled in a corner.

My son has, literally, chosen to play with hot gas instead of the toys he amassed over the holidays.

And, for some odd reason, it totally makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha....the best things in life are free, but for Sippy? It just might just be at the end of a string :-)

chelsea rose said...

so, i know this is more of a family and friends blog, but i'm a friend-of-a-friend(-of-maybe-another-friend) and i just wanted to let you know that this blog makes me so happy. i only have four websites bookmarked on my browser and this is one of them. i have literally cried laughing from some of the posts.