March 2, 2011

Sippy Cupstantine

As is our custom, Lil Sippy Cup and I were watching cartoons together earlier this afternoon.

We're both big fans of Tom and Jerry and were watching the classic episode "Heavenly Puss".

In the episode, Tom (after spending his life chasing Jerry) is denied a ticket on the "Heavenly Express" train.  If he isn't able to get Jerry to sign a certificate absolving him of his sins, Tom will be banished to hell where Spike the Bull Dog (a.k.a the Devil) awaits.

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to teach Lil Sippy Cup some lessons about morality and the importance of being a good little boy who listens to his Daddy and doesn't run around the house breaking fine china and throwing old batteries at the couch.

Of course, as you all should know by now, things didn't exactly turn out as I had planned...

Sippy Cup: "Why is the dog all red and mean and scary?"

Me: "Because he's the king of the red and mean and scary place."

Sippy Cup: "Oh."

Me: "That's the place where all bad people go.  Especially the ones who don't listen
to their mommies or daddies."

Sippy Cup: "I thought that was a jail?"

Me: "Uhm, well, this place is for the people who go to jail and still don't listen to
their mommies or daddies when they get out."

Sippy Cup: "Oh.  That place is kind of scary."

Me (nodding in agreement): "Yeah it is."

Sippy Cup: "That's ok though.  I'm not afraid."

Me: "What?  You should be!"

Sippy Cup: "But you said I shouldn't be afraid of anything.  Not of monsters.  Not of spiders.  Nothing!"

Me: "Well that's true but I al-"

Sippy Cup (interrupting and shaking his fists): "Plus I have these two weapons!"

Me: "Leave it to you to be unafraid of the ultimate prince of darkness."

Sippy Cup (chopping the air): "HIIIEEE-YAAAH!!!"

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