March 17, 2011

Sippy Cup J. Frog

Today was the first truly beautiful day New York City has seen in quite a long time.

Naturally, we celebrated this glorious occasion with a trip to a local playground.

While on the swing set, I noticed a strange pattern in my son's behavior.

You see, when we are all alone, Lil Sippy Cup is an incredibly mature, witty and intelligent little boy.

When he is in front of strangers, however, his behavior is a bit...different.

We are alone in the swing set.

Me: "Are you having fun?"

Sippy Cup: "Yep.  It's such a beautiful day."

Me: "It is.  We needed it."

Sippy Cup: "Yes we did.  Hey Dad, did you know that a giraffe cleans its own nose with its tongue? 
How awesome is that?"

Me: "Wow.  I'm not sure if I knew that."

Another set of parents enters the swing set.

Sippy Cup: "Yep.  I wish I could clean my nose with my tongue.  I also wish I had a tail."

Me (trying to ignore him as the other parents stare at us): "Yep."

Sippy Cup (noticing that I'm ignoring him and raising his voice): "I SAID I WISH I COULD CLEAN MY NOSE WITH MY TONGUE AND I ALSO WISH I HAD A TAIL!"

Me: "Fantastic."

Parents slowly and carefully walk away.

Sippy Cup: "Wow Dad.  Look at how tall those trees are!"

Me: "Yeah they are pretty tall."

Sippy Cup: "They don't have any leaves.  Maybe a Diplodocus ate all of the leaves? 
 Diplodocus was a herbivore so he only ate leaves and plants."

Me: "Wow, that's amazing!  Where did you learn that?  On Dino Dan?"

A new set of parents enters the swing set.

Sippy Cup: "Yeah.  James thinks we should eat some leaves too."

Me: "Uhm, I don't think that's a good idea."

Sippy Cup: "James?  Did you hear that?  Daddy said it's not such a good idea.  Yep.  I think your Daddy is right.  Leaves probably taste funny.  Haha!  James you're so funny!"

Me (talking to myself): "Perfect time to start talking to yourself kid."

Sippy Cup: "Dad, be careful, James is standing right behind you."

Parents cautiously look behind me.

Me (waving): "Hey, how you doing folks? Gorgeous day, isn't it?"

** Editor's Note: This is our 300th post.  Awesome. **


Yayo said...

Awesome indeed...

Stacey said...

If I was pregnant...I would have peed my pants from laughing so hard. This IS awesome.