March 31, 2011

Job Opportunities

Sippy Cup: "Dad, I want to be a weather man when I grow up."

Me: "That was random.  But still awesome."

Sippy Cup: "Yeah.  And I want to shoot guns too."

Me: "Uhm, well, no, that's not cool."

Sippy Cup: "No, no, no.  I want to shoot guns at bad guys."

Me: "I thought you wanted to be a weather man?"

Sippy Cup: "I do.  And I want to shoot guns at bad guys too."

Me: "Sooooo, you want to be a crime-fighting weather man?"

Sippy Cup: "Haha!  Yeah!  Like Batman!"

Me: "I don't think Batman predicts the weather.  But, either way, I totally call the movie rights to this idea."

** Editor's Note - "Tonight's forecast?  100% chance of JUSTICE!"  It writes itself really. **

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Anonymous said...

As an old grandma, I wish I could be around sippycup We could have really good conversations.I could'nt think them up, but he could keep it interesting for hours.I can tell he is a wonderful little boy.