March 15, 2011

The Lunch Request

Lil Sippy Cup is a big fan of Chef Boyardee lunches.

More specifically, he is a fan of the ABC's and 123's with Mini Meatballs microwaveable bowls.

As with all things, he has a very specific method of eating this particular lunch.

Sippy Cup (shouting from the dining room table): "Dad, can you help me with this?"

Me: "With what?  Your lunch?"

Sippy Cup: "Yeah."

Me: "What do you mean?  Do you want me to eat some of it?"

Sippy Cup: "No!  I want you to help me find all of the letter A's!"

Me: "Let me get this straight.  You want me to sift through your pasta bowl and find all of the letter A's?"

Sippy Cup: "Yep!  And then, after the A's, I want all of the B's."

Me: "So you want to eat your pasta in alphabetical order?"

Sippy Cup: "Does that mean like the alphabet?"

Me: "Yes."

Sippy Cup: "Then yes.  After the B's, I want the C's.  After the C's, I want all of the D's..."

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