March 3, 2011

Lady Bug Pops

Me (rubbing his hair): "Nice nap little dude.  What do you want as a snack?"

Sippy Cup: "Uhm, a Lady Bug pop!"

Me: "I'm afraid to ask.  What's a 'lady bug pop'?"

Sippy Cup: "They're in the freezer!"

Me (talking to myself): "Please, please, please don't let there be any frozen bugs in the fridge."

Sippy Cup: "Come on!  We can share it!"

Me (opening the freezer carefully): "Oh thank God.  There are no 'lady bug pops' in here my friend. 
Just the fruit pops."

Sippy Cup (pointing): "No, look, there it is!"

Me (grabbing a fruit pop): "This?  This is a strawberry pop."

Sippy Cup: "A Lady Bug Pop!  Yay!"

Me (opening the fruit pop): "Clearly this is a strawberry pop."

Sippy Cup: "It's a Lady Bug Pop!"

Me (handing him the pop): "I'm pretty sure it's a strawberry pop."

Sippy Cup (pointing to the little pieces of strawberry in the ice pop):
"No it isn't!  Look!  Look at all the lady bugs in here!  It's a Lady Bug Pop!"

Me (smiling): "I guess you're right."

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Anonymous said...

And he did not mind a bit to be eating ladybugs. In fact happy about.We should all be so easy to please.He is a sweet little boy.