December 31, 2012


Sippy Cup is a huge fan of cameras.

Film-based.  Digital.  Point and shoot.  DSLR.  It doesn't matter.

If he can point it and create a photo, he loves it.

Of course, the natural next step in this artistic evolution is Instagram.

So that's exactly what we've done: you can now follow @SIPPY_CUPS on Instagram.

Sippy Cup will be the primary photographer.  He will take the majority of the photos, do all edits, apply any prints, etc.

I will merely be his representative, responsible for curating his collection, typing his comments and #hashtags while also deleting any ridiculous photos of his parents.

I will be the Bischofberger to his Basquiat.  Minus the drugs.

After today, you can click on the Instagram badge we've added to the home page to see all of his photos.

Like almost every other idea we've had, this ought to be fun.

Stay tuned.  Click "like".  And spread the word.  We are both ego-based creatures and work best with positive reinforcement.

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Anonymous said...

Love it!! So excited to follow :) :)