December 14, 2012

A Letter to Future Sippy Cup (18)

Hey kid,

Today, Mommy and Daddy both took a vacation day and surprised you with a trip to the Big Apple Circus.

You are such an amazing little boy.  You are doing so well in school.

And you are the best older brother your sister could have ever wished for.

I know it hasn't been easy for you, having to share your toys and our attention with her.

So, today, it's all about you.  And only you.


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Anonymous said...

In light of the devastating and incomprehensible events that occurred today in Newtown, CT, this makes what you did all the more poignant. Kudos to you and the M.O.M. I can't even begin to imagine the pain of the parents who wish they had done the same today. Hold him and Princess Teacup extra close tonight. Love them forever.