December 17, 2012

December 14, 2012

This past Friday, our nation was traumatized by yet another shooting tragedy.

The coincidental irony of the M.O.M and I having taken a day off from work to spend time with Sippy Cup has not been lost on me.

I spent the weekend debating whether or not I would write this post.  Its easy to stand on a soap box and ardently proclaim your beliefs and opinions when you have a site like mine.  And its even easier to do so from the safety of my home, when both of my children are safe and sound. 

As a father, I sympathize with all of the parents affected by the events in Newton, Connecticut and our hearts and thoughts have been with them all throughout the weekend.  I, literally, cannot even begin to imagine the pain they're experiencing.  

They say that one of life's greatest sins is when a parent outlives their child.  

The parents in Connecticut know this.  Including Adam Lanza's father, Peter.

In the days to come, in the aftermath of this incomprehensible shooting, it will be easy to demonize Adam Lanza.  I am in no position to say whether that will be justified or not.  

All I know is that there are fathers everywhere trying to make sense of Friday December 14th, 2012.

I am one of those fathers.  And so is Peter Lanza. 


Griz said...

interesting perspective i had not considered... thanks

Unknown said...

absorbing position i had not seen... thanks :)