December 21, 2012

Mind Blowing

General chaos swirls around us as Sippy Cup chases his baby sister around the couch

M.O.M.: "All of my friends that want kids have no idea what it's really like."

Me: "I don't think anyone knows what it's really like.  But I think even the stuff that you think you know, you don't really know until you're living through it."

M.O.M.: "I guess."

Me: "Like when you were pregnant.  You had a baby, a real human being, in your stomach.  
Your stomach!  Dude, you made a baby from the food you ate!"

M.O.M.: "Uhm, that's not really how it works."

Me: "Whatever, this isn't biology class.  You had a freakin' baby inside of you!  
That doesn't blow your mind?!"

M.O.M. (staring at her stomach and sighing): "And they ruined me."

Me: "First of all, you weigh like 100 lbs.  Second of all, that's not the point.  Little dude.  Come here."

Sippy Cup (out of breath): "What's up Dad?"

Me (grabbing him by the shoulders):
"Mommy made you in her belly!  In her belly!  That doesn't blow your mind?"

Sippy Cup (shaking his head): "Nope.  Not really."

Me: "Oh really? So what blows your mind?  What is more amazing than the fact that Mommy made you in her belly?  Her belly dude!"

Sippy Cup (smiling): "Baking.  When you bake a cake.  That blows my mind."

M.O.M.: "I have to admit, that is pretty amazing."

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