December 11, 2012

Christmas Light Pets

Last night, we decided to take the kids on a nighttime stroll through our neighborhood to enjoy our neighbors' elaborate holiday light decorations.

Not that I needed any proof, but the Princess is clearly following in the footsteps of her older brother.

Me (pointing to the houses): "Look baby!  Look at all the pretty lights!"

Princess Teacup (silent and unimpressed)

Me (trying my best to impress her): "Look!  Look!  It's Santa Claus!  Its a Snow Man!"

Princess Teacup (still silent and unimpressed)

Me: "Oooh!  Look!  Look baby!  These lights chan-"

Princess Teacup (at the top of her lungs): "AAAAAAAAHHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-"

Me: "-ge...? What are you screaming about?"

Princess Teacup (pointing emphatically at a brown chihuahua puppy across the street): 

Me (sighing): "Really?  The puppy?  That's what wins you over?"

Princess Teacup: "Hehe.  Woof woof." 

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